Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


died comparatively young. His wife was the widow of Col. John Floyd, daughter of Col. John Buchanan, and granddaughter of Col. James Patton. Among his children was James D. Breckinridge, who represented the Louisville district in Congress about the year 1836, and who was a half-brother of the first Governor Floyd.

Colonel Robert Breckinridge’s second wife was Lettice Preston, daughter of John Preston, of Staunton, and her children were four sons, William, John, James and Preston, and a daughter, Jane, wife of Samuel Meredith.

William Breckinridge, son of Robert, married in Augusta, but spent most of his life in Kentucky. He was the father of the late John Boys Breckinridge, of Staunton.

John Breckinridge, the next son of Colonel Robert, was born on his father’s farm, at Staunton, December 2, 1760, and removed with the family to Botetourt in 1769, or thereabouts. He was educated at Liberty Hall (?), and while a student, before he was twenty-one years of age, was elected by the people of Botetourt a member of the State Legislature. Marrying Miss Cabell, of Buckingham county, he settled in Albemarle, on James River, and rapidly gained distinction as a lawyer. He was elected to Congress by voters of Albemarle district, but declined the position. In 1793 he removed to Kentucky, and during the administration of President Jefferson was Attorney General of the United States. He died in 1806, only forty-six years of age. One of his sons was Cabell Breckinridge, a distinguished lawyer, who died young, leaving a son, General John C. Breckinridge, late Vice-President of the United States. The other sons of John were the celebrated divines, Rev. Drs. John, Robert J. and William L. Breckinridge.

James Breckinridge, third son of Colonel Robert, spent his life in Virginia. He was long known as General Breckinridge, of Botetourt, and was distinguished as a lawyer and member of Congress. Among his children were Messrs. Cary and James Breckinridge, of Botetourt, Mrs. Edward Watts, of Roanoke, Mrs. Mary M. Bowyer, of Botetourt, and Mrs. Robert Gamble, of Florida.

Preston Breckinridge, the fourth son of Colonel Robert, married a Miss Trigg, and died in middle life, leaving daughters, but no son.



was the only son of John Preston, and was born in Ireland in 1730. He was therefore about ten years old when he came with his father to the Valley. For most of his education he was indebted to the Rev. John Craig, near whose residence he lived, according to the testimony of his daughter, Mrs. Floyd. His first regular appointment was posting the books of the Staunton merchants and aiding his uncle, Col. Patton, in his extensive business. He was deputy for Wallace Estill, when the latter was High Sheriff of Augusta. He was also clerk of the Vestry of Augusta Parish and clerk of the Court-Martial of the county. Step by step he rose to higher employments. During the Indian wars he became quite prominent

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