Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


cane and wore a finger-ring, which had been presented to him in England. Most of the original members of New Providence and Timber Ridge churches, including Archibald Alexander, had been converted in Pennsylvania, under the preaching of George Whitefield, and were called “New Lights.” In 1757 he married his second wife, Jane McClure. Her children were five sons and three daughters. Of Archibald Alexander’s children, six sons and six daughters became heads of families. The names of the sons were William, Joseph, John, James, Samuel and Archibald. The son William married Agnes Ann Reid, and was the father of ten children, including the distinguished Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander. The oldest daughter, Elizabeth, married John McClung, and was the mother of Margaret (or Elizabeth) wife of Robert Tate of Augusta, Judge William McClung and others. Mary, a daughter of Captain Alexander’s second wife, married John Trimble, first, and afterwards Lewis Jordan.

The blessing of Abraham descended on Capt. Alexander.—His descendants are almost as countless as the stars. They embrace Alexanders, McClungs, Tates, Stuarts, Paxtons, Moores, Steeles, Grahams, Campbells, Carutherses, Turners, Rices, McCrarys, Trimbles, Wilsons, Cummings, Scotts, Lyles, Doakes, &c., &c.



the founder of the first classical school in the Valley, was a brother of Captain Archibald Alexander, and preceeded the latter to America and to the Valley. He married, in Pennsylvania, Esther Beard. His children were—

1. William, who died in Rockbridge, in 1829, leaving children; 2; Robert, who lived in Campbell county, and was clerk of the county court for many years, being succeeded in office by his son, and he by his son, both called Jack Alexander; 3. Peter, who, it is believed, went to the West; 4. Hugh, who died unmarried; 5. James, who married Peggy Lyle, of Rockbridge, and removed to Greenbrier; and daughters, Ann, Esther, Ellen and Sally. The last-named was the second wife of Colonel John Wilson, of Bath county.



and his wife, Barbara McKane, were married in Dublin, Ireland. They came to America about 1720, and settled at Forks of Brandywine, Chester county, Pennsylvania. At that place, their son, John, mentioned above, was born, in December, 1732. In the fall of 1747, this family came to Augusta, and settled near New Providence church. John went to school to Robert Alexander, and became a skilful surveyor. The Rev. William Wilson, of Augusta, was a cousin of William Wilson and wrote his will.

In 1762, William Wilson and his family removed to Jackson’s River, now Highland county, near Stony Run church. The next year they were assailed by a band of Indians, supposed to have been a part of those who perpetrated the first Kerr’s Creek massacre.

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