Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


After this Indian raid the Wilsons returned to the neighborhood of New Providence, and remained there till the close of the Revolutionary war, when they went back to Jackson’s River. William Wilson died in March, 1795.

At the outbreak of the Revolution, John Wilson entered the military service, and he is said to have commanded a regiment of militia at the siege of Yorktown. Previous to the war he married Isabella Seawright, but she died childless in a short time. In December, 1785, he married Sally Alexander, daughter of his old teacher. He was one of the first justices of Bath, when that county was established, in 1791. His wife died in 1808, and he on the 21st of January, 1820.

The children of Colonel John Wilson were a son, William, born January 9, 1787, at the house of his grandfather, Robert Alexander; and two daughters, Peggy, who married Mr. Hanna, of Greenbrier, and Esther, who married Major John Bolar, of Bath.

William Wilson, Jr., married Sally McClung. His children were John, who died unmarried; Susan, who married Washington Stephenson, and Sarah, who married Adam Stephenson, of Highland county.



with his wife, three sons—John, Robert and William—and a daughter, Mary, landed at Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in 1726, and in 1732, removed to a spot near the site of Staunton, on Christian’s Creek, giving his name to that stream. John Christian was a prominent citizen, and is repeatedly mentioned in the earlier pages of these Annals. He was one of the first Justice of the Peace, etc., etc. Robert married Isabella Tiffins, of the lower Valley, and is the ancestor of the Christians now living in the county. William is presumed to be the Capt. William Christian mentioned elsewhere as member of a “Council of War,” in 1756. His wife was Mary Campbell, probably a sister of Arthur Campbell. Mary Christian married, first John Moffett and became the mother of Col. George Moffett and others. She married, secondly, John Trimble, and became the mother of Capt. James Trimble, of whom much remains to be said.



a very prominent citizen of Augusta, is believed to have been a nephew of Gilbert. He is said to have had some training in the mercantile business before he left Ireland. He came to August in 1740, and was a prosperous merchant at Staunton for some years. He was a representative of Augusta in the House of Burgesses in 1759-’61. His wife was Elizabeth Stark. One of his daughters married Col. William Fleming; one was the second wife of Caleb Wallace; another married William Bowyer, of Botetourt; and a fourth Colonel Stephen Trigg, of Kentucky. A county in Kentucky was named in honor of his son, William, and another for his son-in-law Trigg. He was the founder of the towns of Fincastle and Christiansburg.

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