Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


Harrison, of Rockingham. On the return of the troops from Yorktown, the victory was celebrated by the military of Rockingham at a grand review in November, 1781. Colonel Smith’s horse, taking fright at the firing, sprang aside, and spraining his rider’s back, caused his death in a few days. Three of his sons, participated in the siege of Yorktown, viz:

1. John, father of the late Judge Daniel Smith.

2. Daniel, who was also at Point Pleasant.

3. Benjamin, father of Benjamin Harrison Smith, of Kanawha.

III. William Smith, son of John and brother of Abraham and Daniel. His family went to Kentucky and have been lost sight of by their Virginia relatives.



of Rockingham, were intimately connected with the Smiths, but the early history of the former family is involved in much obscurity. They are said to have come from Connecticut, and to have been descendants of Thomas Harrison, one of the judges who condemned King Charles I, to death. We find, that on July 27, 1744, the Rev. John Craig baptized Elizabeth Herison, “an adult person;” and on January 21, 1747, he baptized David Stuart and Abigal Herrison, “adult persons, after profession of faith and obedience.” It is presumed that the females mentioned were members of the Harrison family. John and Reuben Harrison are mentioned under date of 1750, on a former page. Our information is that they were brothers. John never married, and was killed by his slaves. Reuben married, and had several children. Captain Daniel Harrison is mentioned in 1755, and again in 1756. Nathaniel Harrison was fined by the court martial of Augusta county, Oct. 30, 1761, for failing to muster. How Daniel and Nathaniel were related to Reuben, is not known. Thomas Harrison, the founder of Harrisonburg, the son of Reuben, left four sons: Ezekiel, Reuben, John and Josiah, and one daughter, who married a Warren. The present Reuben Harrison, of Rockingham, is a son of Reuben and grandson of Thomas.

Benjamin Harrison, son of Daniel of Rockingham, was a member of the Augusta court-martial, April 19, 1769, and in 1774 commanded a company at Point Pleasant. In July, 1775, he was appointed captain of a company of minute-men. When Rockingham was organized, in 1778, he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of the militia of that county. According to the information we have, he was not related to the family of Reuben Harrison, but came from Eastern Virginia, probably Loudoun county.

Dr. Peachy R. Harrison, long an eminent citizen of Rockingham, was a son of Colonel Benjamin Harrison, and the youngest of eight children. He was born in 1777, and died in 1848. His wife was Jane Stuart, a daughter of John Stuart, who lived near the Stone church, Augusta.

The distinguished Dr. Gessner Harrison, Professor of Ancient Languages at the University of Virginia, was the second son of Dr. Peachy R. Harrison. He was appointed {typo corrected} professor at the age of twenty-one, and held the position thirty years.

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