Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871



James Allen was the oldest son of William Allen, who came from Ireland and settled in Augusta, but at what date is unknown. A brother of William was the grandfather of Dr. Allen who long resided and practiced medicine in the Stone Church neighborhood.

It is believed that James Allen was seven years old at the date of emigration to America. His brothers, Hugh and John, were born here.

James and Hugh married sisters, daughters of John Anderson, a native of Ireland. John Allen, it is said, was a lieutenant at Braddock’s defeat, and was “lost” in that disaster. Hugh was a lieutenant in Colonel Charles Lewis’ regiment at Point Pleasant, in 1774. He was killed in the battle and his body was buried by the side of Colonel Lewis’ remains. He had three sons, John, William and Hugh, all of whom removed to Kentucky.

[The widow of Lieutenant Hugh Allen, whose maiden name was Jane Anderson, contracted a second marriage, in 1778, with William Craig, born in 1750 and died in 1829. The children of William and Jane Craig, who lived to maturity, were: 1. Jane, wife of James Patterson, of Augusta; 2. James Craig, of Mt. Meridian, died in 1863; 3. Sarah, wife of James Laird, of Rockingham; and 4. Margaret, last wife of James Bell, of Augusta.]

James Allen lived near the place now called Willow Spout, on the macadamized road, about eight miles north of Staunton. As we have seen, he was a captain of militia in 1756, He participated in the battle of Point Pleasant, saw his brother Hugh killed, and placed a stone at his grave. He died in 1810 ninety-four years of age, having been an elder of Augusta Stone Church for sixty-four years.

James and Margaret Allen had ten children, two sons and eight daughters, viz:

I. Jane Allen, wife of Captain James Trimble, who removed to Kentucky in 1783, accompanied by the sons of Hugh Allen and many others. (See “The Trimbles.”)

II. Ann Allen, wife of Colonel George Poage, who removed from the county. Their children were,—1. Allen; 2. John; 3. William; 4. Jane; 5. Mary; 6. James; 7. Thomas; and 8. Hugh.

III. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John McCue.

IV. Rebecca, wife of Major John Crawford. (See “The Crawfords.”)

V. Margaret, wife of Major William Bell. (See “The Bells.”)

VI. Mary, wife of Colonel Nicholas Lewis, who removed to Kentucky.

VII. Nancy, wife of Captain Samuel Frame, whose children were: 1. John; 2. Thomas; and 3. Nancy.

VIII. Sarah, first wife of James Bell, and mother of Colonel William A. Bell.

IX. William Allen, married Susan Bell, of Kentucky, and removed to Kentucky in 1783, with Captain James Trimble and others. He settled at Lexington and had six children. His oldest daughter

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