Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


married Matthew Jouett, the artist, and her oldest daughter was the wife of Richard Menifee, the celebrated Kentucky orator. Another daughter married Dr. Alexander Mitchell, of Frankfort, and one of her daughters married Oliver Frazer, the artist. One of Captain William Allen’s sons was Colonel William H. Allen, formerly of Augusta county, and another was Colonel James Allen, of Missouri.

X. James Allen, who married Elizabeth Tate. Their children were: 1. William, who married a Miss Poage; 2. John, who married, 1st, Polly Crawford, and 2d, Ann Barry, widow of Dr. William McCue, and removing to Michigan, was the founder of Ann Arbor, so named for his wife; 3. Mary, wife of Captain John Welsh; 4. Margaret, second wife of Major William Poage, of Augusta; 5. Nancy, wife of Charles Lewis; 6. Sarah, wife of George Mayse, of Bath county; and 7. James T. Allen, who married Miss Maynard, of Michigan.



The following is a copy of one of the collections of Dr. Lyman C. Draper, which are preserved by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The paper is called “The Preston Register,” possibly because the authorship was attributed to Col. William Preston. There are, however, some errors in the list, particularly in regard to names, which Colonel Preston would not have committed:

“A register of the persons who have been either killed, wounded, or taken prisoners by the enemy, in Augusta county, as also such as have made their escape.”

1754.Robt. Foyles, his wife & 5 children, Monongalia, killed.
Octob'r—Steren Lyon, Holston River, killed.
John Godman, Holston River, killed.
Benjamin Harrison, Holston River, killed.
1755.______ Burk, Holston River, prisoner, escaped.
May 3—Mary Baker, Holston River, wounded.
June 18—Sam’l Stalnacker, Holston River, prisoner, escaped.
Samuel Hydon, Holston River, prisoner.
Adam Stalnacker, Holston River, killed.
Mrs. Stalnacker, Holston River, killed.
A servant man, Holston River, killed.
Mathias Counie, Holston River, killed.
June 19—Michael Houck, Holston River, killed.
July 3—James McFarland, New River, killed.
John Bingeman, New River, killed.
Mrs. Bingeman, New River, killed.
Adam Bingeman, New River, killed.
John Cook, New River, killed.
Henry Lin, New River, killed.
A young child, New River, killed.
Nathaniel Welshire, New River, wounded.

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