Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


{July 3—}Dutch Jacob, New River, wounded.
His wife, New River, prisoner, escaped.
Frederick Stern, New River, wounded.
Mrs. Bingman, jr., New River, wounded.
Mrs. Davies, New River, wounded.
Isaac Freeland, his wife and five children, New River, prisoners.
Bridgemanís son and daughter and a stranger, New River, prisoners.
July 12—Lieut. Wright and 2 Soldiers, Reed Creek, killed.
{July} 30—Col. James Patton, New River, killed.
Caspar Barrier, New River, killed.
Mrs. Draper and one child, New River, killed.
James Cull, New River, wounded.
Mrs. English (Inglis) and her two children, New River, prisoners, escaped.
Mrs. Draper, jr., New River, prisoner.
Henry Leonard, New River, prisoner.
Aug. 12—Morris Griffith, Vauseís Fort, prisoner, escaped.
Henry Boughman, Greenbrier, killed.
John Cousi and his father-in-law, Greenbrier, killed.
Walter Fishpough, Greenbrier, killed.
George White, Greenbrier, killed.
Old Christopher, Greenbrier, killed.
Mrs. Cousler, Greenbrier, killed.
An old man, his wife and a school-master, Greenbrier, killed.
Sept.—John Thomas, Greenbrier, killed.
Mrs. Fishpough and five children, Greenbrier, prisoners.
Couslerís daughter and Mrs. Ineny, Greenbrier, prisoners.
Corporal Bennet, Greenbrier, killed.
1756.Two girls named Landsixo, South Branch, prisoners.
Feb.—Robít. Looney and a Dutchman, Reed Creek, killed.
March—John Lee, Reed Creek, killed.
Michael Motes, Reed Creek, killed.
Patrick Smith, Reed Creek, killed.
Moses Man, Reed Creek, prisoner.
Valletine Harman, New River, killed.
Jacob Harman and one son, New River, killed.
Andrew Moses, New River, killed.
Thomas Daries, Roanoke, prisoner, escaped.
June 25—Capt. John Smith, Fort Vause, prisoner, returned.
Peter Looney, Fort Vause, prisoner, escaped.
Wm. Bratton, Fort Vause, returned.
Joseph Smith, Fort Vause, prisoner.
Wm. Pepper, Fort Vause, prisoner.
Mrs. Vause and two daughters, a negro and two young
Indians and a servant-man, Fort Vause, prisoners.
Ivan Medley and two daughters, Fort Vause, prisoners.
James Bell, Fort Vause, prisoner.
Christopher Hicks, Fort Vause, prisoner.

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