Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


“Our situation at present is very different from what it was when we had the pleasure of your company in this country. All Roanoke river and the waters of Mississippi are depopulated, except Captain English with a few families on the New river, who have built a fort, among whom are Mr. Thompson and his family. They intend to make a stand till some assistance be sent them. Seventy five of the Bedford militia went out in order to pursue the enemy, but I hear the officers and part of the men are gone home, and the rest gone to Reed creek to help in James Davies and two or three families there that dare not venture to travel.

“I have built a little fort in which are eighty-seven persons, twenty of whom bear arms. We are in a pretty good posture of defence, and with the aid of God are determined to make a stand. In five or six other places in this part of the county they have fallen into the same method and with the same resolution. How long we may keep them is uncertain. No enemy have appeared here as yet. Their guns are frequently heard and their footing observed, which makes us believe they will pay us a visit. My two sisters and their families are here and all in good health. We bear our misfortunes so far with   *   *   *   *   and are in great hopes of being relieved. I have a thousand things   *   *   *   *   Captain Christian can’t wait   *   *   *   I give you joy.”

The asterisks indicate parts of the letter torn out.



At an early day in the history of the county there were two families of this name in Augusta, which, as far as their respective descendants know, were not at all related. The ancestor of both families was named John. One of these John Moffetts was buried in the North Mountain grave-yard. His son, William, whose wife was Elizabeth Gamble, was for many years a leading citizen of the county. Some of the descendants of James Moffett, brother of William, reside in the Tinkling Spring neighborhood and in Rockbridge. William Moffett is said to have been the first Augusta farmer who raised as much as a thousand bushels of wheat in one season.*

The prominent representative in the county of the other family was Colonel George Moffett, who is often mentioned in the ANNALS, and to some members of this family we here particularly refer.

John Moffett, the ancestor, was among the first settlers of the county. His wife’s maiden name was Mary Christian, and his children were George, Robert, William, John, Mary, Kitty and Hannah.

* He was the grandfather of the late William Moffett Tate.

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