Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


neighborhood in 1755, and also in 1775, was probably the ancestor of the James B. Trimble family.

Judge Robert Trimble and his brother, Judge John Trimble, were distinguished citizens of Kentucky. The former was a member of the Supreme Court of the United States when he died in 1828. A sketch of him in Peters’ Reports, Volume II, says that he was born in Augusta county in 1777; but all the Kentucky authorities state that he was a native of Berkeley county, Virginia. He was probably a grandson of one of the three emigrant brothers who did not come to Augusta.



Several brothers of this name were among the early settlers of Augusta. Their father, Michael Bowyer, believed to have been of French Huguenot descent, died before the year 1761. His sons were--

. 1. Thomas Bowyer. He removed to Botetourt, and in 1780-1 was captain in the 8th Virginia regiment, continental line. Afterwards he was designated as Major Bowyer. He died childless in 1785.

2. John Bowyer went to the settlement in Borden’s grant, in 1753, when quite a young man, and at first was a school-teacher, as appears from a deposition in an old suit. He, however, soon married Magdalene Woods-McDowell-Borden, and became independent. At August Court, 1763, he qualified as captain of Augusta militia. He was one of the first Justices of Botetourt, in 1770. In 1781, he was colonel of Rockbridge militia, [his residence being in that part of Botetourt which was thrown into Rockbridge on the organization of the latter county,] and went with his command to lower Virginia on the occasion of Arnold’s invasion. His second wife was Mary Baker, of Maryland, aunt or cousin of Mrs. Judge Stuart and Mrs. James Lyle of Staunton. He died near Lexington, in 1806, leaving no child. He is known as General Bowyer.

3. William Bowyer was a merchant in Staunton from 1766 to 1775, and probably longer. In 1772 he was a member of the vestry of Augusta parish, and a church warden in 1777. As Lieut. Colonel of militia, he commanded a body of men sent to reinforce General McIntosh on the Ohio river, in August, 1776. The Court Martial of the county, on April 15, 1779, fined him £10 for not attending a previous meeting. He was Lieut. Colonel of Col. Sampson Mathews’ regiment, in the expedition to lower Virginia, in 1781. He was Sheriff of Augusta in 1784. His first wife was a daughter of Israel Christian, by whom he had a daughter who married a Miller, ancestor of the late Fleming Bowyer Miller of Botetourt. His second wife was Margaret Ann, daughter of Thomas Lewis, and widow of John McClanahan, (son of the first Robert McClanahan.) A son of the second wife, William Bowyer, was a lawyer, and married a Miss Burwell. Col. William Bowyer lived at the place in Staunton now known as Kalorama. He died intestate some time before 1808, and his step-son, John McClanahan, administered on his estate.

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