Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


1778. About 1779, Floyd and his wife went to Kentucky and settled there.

On the 12th of April, 1783, while John Floyd, his brother Charles, and Alexander Breckinridge were returning from Salt River to Floyd’s Station, they were attacked by a party of Indians, and Floyd was shot and mortally wounded. His brother leaped on his horse behind him, and supported him in his arms till they reached a house. He died the next day, leaving two sons and a daughter. Just twelve days after his death, a third son was born, whom his mother called John, after his father.

A second John Floyd was born near Louisville, Kentucky, April 24, 1783, as stated. He came to Virginia when he was twenty-one years of age, studied medicine, married Letitia Preston, daughter of Col. William Preston, (to whose narrative we are indebted for these facts,) served in the Legislature and Congress, was Governor from 1829 to 1834, and died in 1837. John Buchanan Floyd, also Governor, etc., was a son of the first Governor Floyd. Their home was in Washington county.

The widow of the first John Floyd married Alexander Breckinridge, and became the mother of James D. Breckinridge and other sons.



Ten or eleven brothers named McKee came from Ireland to America in 1738, and settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Three of these,&mdashRobert, William and John,&mdashcame to Augusta county, but at what date is uncertain. Their descendants state that it was about 1760, but the records of the county show that John McKee purchased a tract of land in the forks of James river, on August 16, 1752.

I. Robert McKee died June 11, 1774, aged eighty-two years, and his wife, Agnes, January 29, 1780, aged eighty-four. They had two sons, William and John.

1. William McKee, son of Robert and Agnes, was born in 1732, and, probably while living in Pennsylvania, was, with his father, at Braddock’s defeat. He married his first cousin, Miriam, daughter of John McKee, Sr. His residence was a few miles west of Lexington, and the farm is now (1892) owned by descendants of the Rev. Dr. Baxter. It is said that he was at the battle of Point Pleasant, and if so, probably belonged to Colonel Fleming’s Botetourt regiment. He represented Rockbridge repeatedly in the Legislature, and in 1788 was the colleague of General Andrew Moore in the State Convention which ratified the Federal Constitution. He was also one of the first trustees of Liberty Hall Academy. In 1796 he removed to Kentucky, and died there in 1816. He was known in Virginia as Colonel McKee.

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