Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


“New Jerusalem.” It is presumed that his lands in that Province were confiscated when he came away and joined the American “rebels”; but in 1796 he undertook to convey by deed 100,000 acres in Nova Scotia to the Synod of Virginia, in trust for the benefit of Liberty Hall Academy, in Rockbridge, among other purposes “for the support of public lectures in said seminary annually, on man’s state by nature and his recovery by free and unmerited grace through Christ Jesus, and against opposite errors.” Possibly finding that this deed would not do, he executed another the next year directly to the trustees of Liberty Hall, for the same uses. The second deed was witnessed by Andrew Alexander, Conrad Speece and Archibald Alexander. It is unnecessary to say that Liberty Hall did not get the land.

McNutt never married, and left no posterity. His old-fashioned dress sword was preserved by his collateral descendant, Alexander McNutt Glasgow, of Rockbridge; but at the time of “Hunter’s Raid,” in 1864, the silver-mounted scabbard was carried off, leaving only the naked blade.

John McNutt, a brother of Alexander, settled on North River, Rockbridge. His wife was Catherine Anderson, a great-aunt of Judge Francis T. Anderson. One of his sons, Alexander, was the father of Governor Alexander B. McNutt, of Mississippi, and grandfather of General Frank Paxton and General Albert G. Jenkins.

A daughter of John McNutt married, first, Ensign McCorkle, who was mortally wounded at the battle of the Cowpens, the grandfather of the Rev. Alexander B. McCorkle, and great-grandfather of Thomas McCorkle, Esq. Her second husband was Arthur Glasgow, grandfather of William A. Glasgow, Esq., and Col. J. K. Edmondson. To the former we are indebted for most of the facts here given.



David Moore, with his mother and ten brothers and a sister, came from the north of Ireland to America, and settled in Borden’s Grant. The maiden name of the mother was Baxter. When a young girl, she was in Londonderry, during the famous siege of 1689. David Moore’s wife was Mary Evans, and his sons were William and Andrew.

WILLIAM MOORE was born about the year 1748, at Cannicello, now in Rockbridge county, and received a plain education at schools in the neighborhood. From his boyhood he was remarkable for his temperate habits, intrepidity, and great physical strength. At times, when the country was in a state of alarm on account of the Indians, he would take solitary excursions and remain out all night by himself. In 1774, he participated in the battle of Point Pleasant. During the action, John Steele was wounded and about to be scalped, when Moore

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