Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


When the Western District of Virginia was projected in 1801, Mr. Jefferson consulted Judge Stuart of Staunton as to the appointment of a Marshal. He wrote, April 25, 1801, that Andrew and John Alexander and John Caruthers, all of Rockbridge, had been recommended to him by different persons. Mr. Caruthers was appointed, but declined. On the 5th of August, 1801, Mr. Jefferson wrote to Judge Stuart, informing him of Mc. Caruthers’ refusal of the office and saying: “I have now proposed it to Colonel Andrew Moore, with but little hope, however of his acceptance.” The Western District was, however, not established at that time, and Colonel Moore was appointed Marshal for the whole State in 1810.



was probably the second son of Robert McClanahan, the emigrant, younger than his brother Alexander, and older than Robert who was killed at Point Pleasant. He was extensively engaged in business, having as partners Thomas and Andrew Lewis. His wife was Margaret Ann, daughter of Thomas Lewis. His will, dated June 25, 1774, was offered for probate November 16, 1774, and he probably died June 30th, five days after the execution of the will. He left a son named Thomas Lewis, who, however, died November 14, 1774. A posthumous child, born December 8, 1774, was called John, and succeeded to his father’s estate.

John McClanahan, jr., moved to Kentucky, in 1807, and coming back to Virginia on business, died in 1815, probably at Lewisburg. He inherited from his father the land on which Lewisburg was built. His wife was Mildred Maupin, of Williamsburg. They had seven children, of whom only two lived to maturity and married. Their son, John Gabriel McClanahan, married Eliza McClung, of Greenbrier, and died in 1838, leaving descendants. Virginia, the daughter of John McClanahan, jr., married Captain John Gantt, of the U. S army, and their only son, N. B. Gantt, lives in Louisville, Kentucky. (1890.)

Mr. Gantt writes that his grand-mother, (Mildred Maupin McC.) related that she had often heard her mother-in-law (Margaret Lewis McC.) say, that at the time her husband (the first John McClanahan) died, “the fort was besieged by Indians, and as she sat by his bed she heard their whoops. In her prayer book is this entry: ‘June 30, 1774, that fatal day,’” probably the day of her husband’s death.

The Indians became hostile early in 1774, and probably invested some fort, so called, (possibly “Fort Lewis” in Bath, ten miles from the Warm Springs,) in June, 1774, while John McClanahan, Sr., lay there on his death-bed. Gen. Andrew Lewis assembled his command at Camp Union, September 4th and began his march to the Ohio, September 11th. The battle of Point Pleasant occurred October 10, 1774.

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