Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


Another family of Poages came from Ireland and settled in Rockbridge county. The name of the ancestor if not known. He was, probably, a brother of Robert Poage, Sr., who settled in Augusta about 1740. His wife was Jane Somers. They had ten children. One of the sons, Jonathan, was the grandfather of Dr. Poage, late of Rockbridge, and of Mrs. Lane, a missionary in Brazil, and others. A daughter, Ann, was the wife of Isaac Caruthers, and has many descendants widely scattered. Another daughter, Martha, married James Moore. The fifth child of James and Martha Moore was called Mary, after her father’s oldest sister, who was the wife of Major Alexander Stuart, father of Judge Archibald Stuart. Mary Moore became the wife of the Rev. Samuel Brown, of New Providence. When a child, nine years of age, living with her parents in Abb’s Valley, now Tazewell county, she and others were carried off by Indians, July 14, 1786, and detained in captivity three years.



Robert Cunningham, a native of north Ireland, settled on a farm called Rock Spring, in Augusta county, about the year 1735. He was one of the first set of justices of the peace appointed in 1745, and afterward a member of the House of Burgesses. His wife was a widow Hamilton, and the mother of several children at the time of her second marriage. One of her daughters, Mary Hamilton, married David Campbell, and was the mother of John and Arthur Campbell, and others. Two of the daughters of Robert Cunningham also married Campbells. He had no son. His daughter, Martha, about the year 1750, married Walter Davis, who became the owner of Rock Spring farm. Mr. Davis never held civil office, but was an elder of Tinkling Spring church, and a man of much influence. His daughter, Margaret, married John Smith, and was the mother of Judge Daniel Smith, of Rockingham. His son, William Davis, born in 1765, married Annie Caldwell, and died about 1851, aged eighty-six. He was a man of high standing in the community, a justice of the peace, high sheriff, etc. Walter Davis, Jr., son of William, born in 1791, was for many years one of the two commissioners of the revenue in Augusta county, and noted for his faithful and intelligent discharge of the duties of his office. His wife was Rebecca Van Lear. William C. Davis, a brother of Walter Davis, Jr., removed to Missouri in 1836 or 1837. Dr. Thomas Parks, of Missouri, is the only surviving grandchild of Walter Davis, Sr.

John Cunningham, believed to have been a brother of Robert, lived in Staunton, his residence being on Lot No. 1, southwest corner of Augusta street and Spring Lane. He had three daughters and one son. His oldest daughter was Mrs. Margaret Reed, who was baptized

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