Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


brother of Alexander, was severely wounded. He was sent to a hospital in New Kent county, and Alexander was detached to take care of him, which he did till his term expired, and his brother John then took his place as nurse.

Major William Willson testified that he was with Alexander Hamilton at the battle of Hot Water, and saw him aid in carrying his brother from the field.

Capt. John Davis of the Pennsylvania line,* kept a diary from May 26, 1781, when Wayne’s Brigade left York, Pa., till January 11, 1782, when it was at Jacksonborough, S. C. From the original we take the following extracts relating to the battle of Hot Water:

“June 25th.—Lay by this day. At dark took up the line of march in order to overtake Simna” [Simcoe] “who had plundered a quantity of cattle.”

“June 26th—At six o’clock in the morning we overtook a covering party who retreated before us. We mounted a party of infantry behind light-horse, who overtook their rear. We had a small skirmish, horse and foot, in which we took some light-horse and cattle and killed 30 on the spot with  inconsiderable loss.”

Joseph Bell was at the battle of Jamestown, under General Wayne, in July, 1781.

When Lord Cornwallis was about to cross James River at Jamestown Island, on July 6th, a British dragoon and a negro, pretending to be deserters, informed the Americans that nearly all the King’s troops had passed over, leaving only the rear guard on the north side. General Wayne with the Pennsylvania line made a furious assault, but found he was confronted by the whole British army. La Fayette, who was at hand and in chief command, ordered a retreat, and the Americans were not pursued. The loss of Americans in the short but severe conflict was 118 men killed, wounded and captured, and three cannon; of the British 80 killed and wounded. The engagement is otherwise called the battle of Green Spring.

Capt. Davis gives, in his diary, the following brief account of the battle of Green Spring, under date of July 6th:

“At sun rise we took up the line of march for Jamestown, which place the enemy lay at. The 1st Battery was detached with some

* General Henry Lee says in his Memoir they might have been called with more propriety the line of Ireland.

Capt. Davis was the grand-father of Mrs. Alexander H. Fultz, late of Staunton. His wife was a daughter of John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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