Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


Adams Fry, William Smith and William Adams, his residuary legatees and devisees. He was particularly solicitous for the welfare of his slaves, and enjoined it upon his legatees to treat them kindly, and “not to sell or barter them away as cattle.” In regard to one of the negroes, he says: “As there is no man to whom I consider myself under greater obligations than to my slave Joe, I hereby declare Joe a freeman, and give him full and complete emancipation.”



John Anderson, the immigrant, acquired by grant, June 3, 1738, 747 acres of land in Augusta county, which is believed to be the farm on Middle river, where the Valley turnpike crosses that stream.

His oldest son, Robert, married Ann Thompson of Augusta, and removed to South Carolina before the Revolutionary war. During the war he served as Colonel under General Andrew Pickens. Anderson County, S. C., was named for him.

His next son, Andrew, served as Ensign, Lieutenant and Captain in the war of the Revolution, and in 1781 was stationed with his regiment at Fort Pitt. For many consecutive years after the war he represented Augusta county in the House of Delegates, being then known as Colonel Anderson. He was married twice. The children of his first wife were: (1) Dr. George Anderson, of Montgomery county; (2) Mrs. Brown, of Kentucky; (3) the first wife of Major William Poage. His second wife was Martha, daughter of Patrick Crawford, and her children were: (1) John; (2) James, (both of whom died leaving no children);  (3) Robert, who married Nancy Dean, of Greenbrier, and lived and died on the Middle river farm; (4) William, who died in New Orleans; (5) Nancy, wife of William Crawford; and (6) Sally, wife of Jacob Ruff.

James Anderson, third son of John, removed to South Carolina before the Revolution, and during the war was a Captain in the American army. His wife was Agnes, daughter of James and Mary (Laird) Craig.

The fourth son of John Anderson, was William, who also was a Captain during the Revolution, and in 1784 removed to Kentucky with the Trimbles, Moffetts and others.

The daughters of John Anderson were: (1) Margaret, who married James Allen; and (2) Jane, who married first Hugh Allen, and second William Craig.



had two sons, Dr. James Wilson and Thomas P. Wilson. His brother, Thomas Wilson, married a Miss Poage, of Augusta, and settled in Morgantown, Monongalia county.

The sons of Thomas Wilson were: 1. Edward C. Wilson, a lawyer and member of Congress; 2. Rev. Norval Wilson, of the Methodist Episcopal church, father of Bishop Alpheus Wilson; 3. Alpheus P. Wilson, a prominent lawyer and member of the State

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