Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


2. Robert, of Rockbridge, whose wife was Elizabeth McClung. He was the father of the late Major Alexander B. Stuart, and died in 1827.

3. Frances, wife of John Lyle, of Rockbridge, and mother of Mrs. John McDowell, who for many years lived near Staunton.

4. Jane, wife of Alexander Walker.

5. Mary, wife of Alexander Hall, and mother of the late Alexander S. Hall, of Staunton, Dr. Isaac Hall, Jr., and others.

6. Elizabeth.

7. Eleanor.

Major Stuart’s second wife was Mrs. Mary Paxton, widow of Samuel Paxton, by whom she had a son named Samuel. Her maiden name was Mary Moore, and she was an aunt of the Mary Moore who is known as “the Captive of Abb’s Valley.” Her Stuart children were James, Priscilla, (wife of Benjamin Hall), Alexander and Benjamin. Alexander was Judge of the United States Court in Missouri, father of Hon. Archibald Stuart, of Patrick county, and grandfather of General J. E. B. Stuart of Confederate fame.

III. Benjamin Stuart, whose children were—

1. Major Archibald Stuart, the Captain Stuart of the war of 1812. His sons were Andrew and Benjamin.

2. John, who removed to Indiana.

3. Mrs. Nancy Alexander, mother of Dr. Cyrus Alexander.

4. Mrs. Mary McClung.

5. Mrs. Bettie Allen, second wife of Dr. James Allen.

IV. Eleanor, daughter of Archibald and Janet Stuart, married Edward Hall, a native of North Ireland, who came to the Valley in 1736, and settled on South river, six miles above Waynesborough. They were married April 24, 1744, and had ten children, several of whom died young. Those who lived to maturity were—

1. Isaac Hall, Sr., born May 12, 1747, and studied medicine in Scotland. He jilted his cousin, Miss Jenny Stuart, and suffered the penalty, as stated. His wife was Martha Everard, of Petersburg, where he resided.

2. Sally Hall, born December 19, 1751, and married Captain James Tate, who was killed in the battle of Guilford. She afterwards married Hugh Fulton.

3. Thomas Hall, born August 31, 1754,—twice married.

4. Elizabeth Hall, born December 27, 1756, married Colonel Andrew Fulton. Judge Andrew Fulton, of Wythe, and John H. Fulton, M. C., of the Wythe District, were sons of Andrew and Elizabeth Fulton.

5. Alexander Hall, born May 24, 1759, inherited his father’s homestead. Married his cousin, Mary Patterson Stuart, daughter of Major Alexander Stuart, and sister of Judge Archibald Stuart. Among his children were Mrs. Eleanor Douglass, Alexander S. Hall, Dr. Isaac Hall, Jr., and others.

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