Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


6. Benjamin Hall, born February 17, 1765, married his cousin, Priscilla Stuart, and removed to Missouri.

7. John Hall, born May 31, 1767, settled in North Carolina, and was a Judge of the Supreme Court of that State.



DAVID STUART.—Withers states in his Border Warfare that a John Stuart married the widow of John Paul, and came to Virginia in 1752, with Governor Dinwiddie. It was David Stuart, however, Captain and Colonel Stuart of the Indian wars, who married  the widow Paul. It is stated that John Paul was killed during the rebellion in Scotland, in 1745. He left two sons, one of whom was a Catholic priest in Maryland, and the other Capt. Audley Paul; and two daughters, Ann and Mary. According to tradition, David Stuart and the widow were married in Wales, and her children came with her to America.

If David Stuart ever was a protege {protégé} of Dinwiddie, he soon lost the Governor’s good-will, as many of the Dinwiddie letters express great dislike to Stuart. The probability is that Stuart had no personal connection with Governor Dinwiddie. He certainly settled in the Valley long before Dinwiddie became Governor of the Colony. A David Stuart, an adult, was baptized by Mr. Craig January 21, 1747, “after profession of faith and obedience.” Colonel Stuart is said to have lost his life by drowning in the Shenandoah river.

The will of David Stuart was admitted to record March 19, 1767. It was written by himself, and its meaning is doubtful in several particulars. The testator mentioned his wife Margaret, his son John, his daughters “Sebing” [Sabrina] and Elizabeth, and his wife’s daughter, Mary “Pall” [Paul}. The will appointed William Lewis and George Mathews executors; but the former declining to serve, Mathews and Andrew Lewis qualified as administrators with the will annexed.

Ann Paul was the wife of George Mathews. Her sister, Mary, did not marry.

I. John Stuart, son of David is well known as Colonel John Stuart, of Greenbrier. He was born in Augusta, March 27, 1749. [Johnston's Old Clerks]. If the date of his birth is correctly given, he was only twenty years of age when he, with Robert McClanahan, Thomas Renick and William Hamilton, went to Greenbrier, in 1769, and made the first permanent settlement in that region. McClanahan was only a few months older. Stuart was a Captain in Colonel Fleming’s regiment at Point Pleasant, in 1774. In 1778, a party of Indians assailed Fort Donnally, eight miles north of the site of Lewisburg, then called Fort Union. Stuart was at the latter place, and organizing a force, went to the relief of Donnally. The Indians were defeated, and never again invaded that region.

After the organization of Greenbrier county Colonel Stuart was appointed Clerk of the County Court, and held the office from 1780 until 1807. At the end of the first deed-book he copied his “Memoir,”

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