Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


from which we have made copious extracts. His wife was Agatha, daughter of Thomas Lewis, and widow of Captain John Frogg, who was killed at Point Pleasant, to whom he was married in 1778. His death occurred August 23, 1823. He had four children, viz:

1. Margaret, wife of Andrew Lewis, of Mason county, a son of Colonel Charles Lewis.

2. Jane, wife of Robert Crockett, of Wythe county, and mother of the late Charles S. Crockett and of the first wife of Judge James E. Brown, of Wythe. [Judge Brown was a son of Judge John Brown, the first Chancellor of the Staunton District, and was reared at Staunton. His second wife was a daughter of Judge Alexander Stuart. Her only son (Alexander Stuart Brown), who died early, was a young man of brilliant promise.]

3.Charles A. Stuart, whose wife was Elizabeth Robinson.

4. Lewis Stuart, married Sara Lewis, of Bath county, a granddaughter of Colonel Charles Lewis. He succeeded his father as clerk in 1807, and died in 1837. His children were five sons--John, Charles A., Lewis, Henry, and John--and four daughters. One of his daughters was the wife of the late Samuel Price, at one time Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, and afterwards United States Senator from West Virginia. The others were Mrs. A. W. G. Davis, Mrs. Charles L. Peyton, and Mrs. James W. Davis.

II. Sabina Stuart, daughter of David Stuart, married first a Wilson, and secondly a Williams. Her daughter, Margaret Lynn Williams, married Thomas Creigh, and was the mother of (1) David Creigh, (2) Dr. Thomas Creigh, (3) Mrs. Watson, wife of Judge Watson, of Charlottesville, (4) Mrs. John R. Woods, (5) Mrs. Preston, wife of Rev. David Preston.

III. Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of David Stuart, married Colonel Richard Woods, of Albemarle.



JOHN STUART.—The Rev. Robert Stuart, of Kentucky, in a brief memoir found among his papers after his death, states that his grand-parents came from the north of Ireland and settled on Walker’s Creek, in Borden’s tract. Mr. Stuart was born in 1772 and distinctly remembered his grandmother. He does not mention the names of his grand-parents. They brought with them to America an infant son named John. Another son was born here, but died young, and there were no other children.

We find from old deeds that John Stuart and Robert Stuart were among the early settlers in “Borden’s tract,” and that their lands were contiguous. Of Robert we have no other information. He may have been the father of the John Stuart just mentioned and grandfather of the Rev. Robert Stuart, but the descendants of the latter think the grandfather was named John.

Benjamin Borden, Sr., who died in 1742, sold several tracts of land to John Stuart. One of these was not conveyed till Benjamin

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