Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871



A majority of the voters of Augusta county no doubt sympathized with Daniel Sheffey and other statesmen of the same school in their opposition to the measures which brought on the war of 1812; but when the war arose, no unpatriotic spirit was exhibited in the county. General Porterfield, Colonel Doak, and other officers, although staunch Federalists, exerted themselves to the utmost to prepare the Augusta militia for the field. The war, however, did not approach our borders, and very few of our people actually participated in the conflict. Nicholas C. Kinney and George Eskridge, young lieutenants in the regular army, served for a time on the northern frontier.

We quote from the files of the Republican Farmer, as far as we have them:

William Patrick, one of the overseers of the poor of Augusta county, published a card, stating that the glebe land was sold in 1802 for £800; that the money had been loaned out, and in January, 1812, amounted to £1,200, and asking the people of the county to decide what use should be made of the money, whether for the poor or the Staunton Academy.

As we learn from published military notices, in March, 1812, Christopher Morris was Captain of the Staunton Light Infantry Blues, Moses McCue of the Staunton Artillery, and Briscoe G. Baldwin of the Staunton Infantry Company. We shall hereafter have a brief notice of Captain Morris’ company. John C. Sower was First Lieutenant of the Staunton Artillery, and soon became the Captain. This company and Captain Baldwin’s will appear again.

“A gentleman, direct from Washington city,” informed the editor, in April, 1812, that an embargo had been laid for ninety days. This important news was received at that day, no doubt, “in advance of the mails.”

Lieutenant Allison, of the Fifth United States infantry, recruiting in Staunton, advertised a reward of $10 for the apprehension of a deserter.

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