Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871




Since the publication of the first edition of these Annals, in 1886, I have obtained a large amount of additional and interesting information relating to the history of Augusta County. I may refer to the extracts from the records of Orange County Court, the journal of Thomas Lewis, and the records of baptisms by the Rev. John Craig, the last of which also contains other items of interest. The applications for pensions by Revolutionary soldiers, in 1832, accidentally found, unindexed and unlabeled, the the Clerk’s office of the County Court, has afforded much additional information in regard to the history of the county during that war. Having learned that the Historical Society of Wisconsin contained two ancient manuscripts relating to the county, part of the collections of Dr. Lyman Draper, I applied for and obtained copies. These were muster rolls of the officers and men comprising nine companied of militia in the fall of 1742, and a list of persons killed or captured by Indians, in the county, from October, 1754, to May, 1758. The latter was styled by Dr. Draper, “The Preston Register,” under the impression, it is presumed, that Col. William Preston was the author; but his name does not appear in connection with the paper. In the former edition it is stated that John Trimble was the last white man killed by Indians within the present county. Local tradition was silent in regard to details, and I could get no other information, till afterwards a full narrative of the occurrence, together with an account of the capture and rescue of Mrs. Estill and others, was sent me by Mr. Trimble’s descendants who live in Ohio.

It is unaccountable to me that no resident of the county, contemporary with the events, wrote a line about the thrilling events of the Indian wars. Readers of Parkman’s historical works must have observed the fulness and accuracy of the narratives of events in New England during the same period. Various actors in the scenes described, left written accounts of the raids by French and Indians, giving dates and many other particulars. But as far as I have discovered, no resident

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