Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


the Federal government, has been in Richmond. He was elected by a few votes in Alexandria, Norfolk, and possibly some other places occupied by Federal troops during the war. Another State, called West Virginia, is presided over by Governor Bowman or Boreman. Nothing remains for us but submission.

Sunday night, April 16.--Authentic intelligence to-day that two persons have arrived in Charlottesville from Richmond, sent by Lincoln in search of Governor Smith, to invite him to return. At last accounts the Governor was flying from Richmond, on the tow path of the James river canal.

Monday night, April 17.--Four years ago this day, the two military companies started from Staunton, and the war began. Now the war is virtually over, and we are--what shall I say?




Antrim, George T.—Captain of Company H, Fifth regiment Virginia infantry. Disabled at Kernstown.

Arehart, Abraham.—Captain of Company D, Fifty-second infantry.

Baldwin, John B.—Inspector-General of State troops; Colonel of Fifty-second infantry. Disabled by sickness.

Balthis, William L.—Captain of Staunton Artillery, succeeding John D. Imboden. Disabled at Malvern Hill.

Bateman, Elijah.—Captain of Company G., Fifty-second infantry, succeeding Samuel McCune. Lost arm in battle, May 6, 1864.

Baylor, William S. H.—Major of Fifth infantry, Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel. Killed at second battle of Manassas, commanding brigade.

Berkeley, Frank B.—Chief of staff of Brigadier-General Imboden, with rank of Captain.

Brown, S. Bradford.—Captain of cavalry; General Lee’s body guard.

Bucher, David.—Captain-quartermaster of Fifth infantry.

Bumgardner, James, Jr.—Captain of Company F, Fifty-second regiment, succeeding Joseph E. Cline.

Burke, Thomas J.—Captain of Company L, Fifth infantry, succeeding James H. Waters.

Byers, John S.—Captain of Company C, Fifty-second infantry, succeeding Wm. E. Dabney. Disabled by wound.

Christian, Bolivar.—Captain-commissary of Fifty-second infantry. Afterwards on special service with rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Cline, Joseph E.—Captain of Company F, Fifty-second infantry. Retired from disability.

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