Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


the destruction of property was unprecedented. Many lives also were lost.

County officers under the Constitution were elected in Augusta November 8th, viz: James Bumgardner, Commonwealth’s Attorney; William L. Mowry, Sheriff; Samuel Paul, County Treasurer; Joseph N. Ryan, Clerk of the Circuit Court; William A. Burnett, Clerk of the County Court; and John D. Lilley, County Surveyor. At the same time, John T. Harris, of Rockingham, was elected to Congress.

And here, at the close of 1870, we close our Annals.



was the oldest son of Judge Briscoe G. Baldwin, and was born near Staunton, January 11, 1820. His mother was a daughter of Chancellor John Brown. He was educated at the Staunton Academy and the University of Virginia. In 1841 he was admitted to the bar, and the following year married the oldest daughter of John H. Peyton, Esq. As soon as he attained the prescribed age, he was elected by the people of Augusta a member of the House of Delegates, and served one term in that body with Nathaniel Massie, Esq., as his colleague. Having a fondness for military affairs, he became Captain of the Staunton Light Infantry, and, finally, Colonel of the one-hundred-and-sixtieth regiment of militia. At an early age he acquired distinction as a lawyer and as a political speaker. In 1859, his friends brought him forward as a candidate for Judge of the Court of Appeals, the judges being elected by districts, but his competitor, Judge William J. Robertson, obtained a majority of the votes cast. The steps in his subsequent career have been noted in the course of our narrative. Being thoroughly identified with the people of Augusta and highly appreciated by them, his death, which occurred September 30,1873, caused universal lamentation in the county.



The first banking institution in Staunton after the war, was opened by Hugh W. Sheffey and William Allan, known as Allan & Co., brokers and bankers. The firm began business in July, 1865, and continued till the First National Bank was started in November of the same year. Hugh W. Sheffey was the first President of the latter, and William Allan, Cashier. The capital was $100,000. The National Valley Bank of Staunton was chartered in November, 1865, but did not engage in business till January following. Of this bank, John Echols was President, and Edwin M. Taylor, Cashier. Capital $100,000. Alexander H. H. Stuart became President of the First National Bank, and in July, 1866, M. Harvey Effinger was made Cashier in place of William Allan, resigned. Edwin M. Taylor resigning as Cashier of the Valley Bank, in February, 1868, was succeeded by William C. Eskridge. In 1875, the two banks were

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