Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


But, dear Miss Bell, the Muse must tell
Your virgin boast and pride—
How minds that roam find health and home,
And welcome by your side.

Reason beguiled, like a lost child,
By Fancy’s false pretences,
Upon your lap just takes a nap,
And wakes up in her senses.

The Deaf and Blind have found you kind,
The Dumb, too, speak your praises;
The weather-wise neglect the skies
To watch your varying phases.

All, all, speak well of you, Miss Bell;
Nature her favor shows,
Washing your face with earliest grace
And spanning thee with bows.

Now, Bessy, sure, you’ll frown no more,
Since lovers are not few;
At least you’ll smile at morn a while,
When Sol begins to woo.

And Day grown old, with tints of gold,
Perhaps may light thy face;
And silvery Night may crown thy height
With ornaments of grace.



The dates inscribed on the corner stone of the present court-house (1745, 1835, and 1901), imply that there have been only three court-house buildings, whereas there have been five, as follows:

1st. A log house built by William Beverley, the patentee of the land, in 1745. This was a rude structure, and stood till 1788, having been fitted up for a dwelling, in 1755.

2nd. Another log house, near the former, projected in 1752, but not finished till 1755. It is presumed that this house was more commodious than the first; at any rate it had a chimney and fire place.

3rd. A stone house two stories high, completed in the Fall of 1789, and used till 1836.

4th. A brick house with wings for clerks’ offices, etc., and stately columns in front, but not architecturally correct; begun in January,

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