Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


1835, and first occupied in June, 1836. Taken down in 1900 to make way for the present building.

5th. The present court-house, completed in the fall of 1901.

The dates are 1745, 1755, 1789, 1836 and 1901.

It may not be out of place here to mention several errors in the inscription on the tablet erected in the present court-room, by the “Daughters of the American Revolution.”

Col. John Lewis is styled, “Presiding Justice.” No such office, however, was known to the law. Col. Lewis was one of 21 persons appointed Justices of the Peace, in 1745, and there was no legal distinction between them. He was senior, in respect to the order of names in the commission, except James Patton. Col. Patton was first named in the “Commission of the Peace;” but having been appointed High Sheriff, he did not sit as a member of the court for some time.

Thomas Lewis is styled “Colonial Surveyor,” whereas he was County Surveyor.

Moreover, it would be inferred from the inscription that Gabriel Jones was the first “King’s Attorney;” but John Nicholas was the first lawyer appointed by the colonial government “to transact his Majesty’s affairs in this county.” He, however, resigned at April court, 1746. Gabriel Jones was then recommended by the court for the office, and, being appointed, qualified at May term, 1746. Mr. Nicholas never resided in the county.



It would be interesting to know the origin of the names of the many small towns and villages in Augusta county; but with the exception of five or six, no one living can tell by whom and why the names were applied. Of course, Waynesborough was called for Gen. Anthony Wayne, and Greenville for Gen. Nathaniel Greene. Many Augusta people served under Generals Wayne and Greene in the Revolutionary war, and it was natural that towns should be called for them. Middlebrook was doubtless so called because it is on, or near, the ridge dividing the waters of the Potomac from those of James river. There is also no mystery as to the names of Churchville, Craigsville and Deerfield. But in regard to the remaining names, we are entirely in the dark. We have Mt. Solon, Mt. Sidney, Mt. Meridian, New Hope, Springhill, Moscow, Parnassus, etc., etc.,—by whom and why were these hamlets so called? The prefix Mount (all in the northern part of the county, was no doubt an importation from the old country, as it is common in the north of Ireland. It is strange that we have not an Indian name in the county.

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