Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871


of her deceased husband, in favor of her son, George,* who entered into bond, etc.

James Trimble was appointed constable in place of James Anderson, February 28, 1744. This was probably the James Trimble who became deputy surveyor of Augusta in December, 1745.

At last we find a movement for a road through the Valley. On February 24, 1745, James Patton and John Buchanan reported that they had viewed the way from the Frederick county line “through that part of the county called Augusta, according to the order made last March,” (which the writer failed to see) and the court ordered “that the said way be established a public road.”

The last order of Orange Court in reference to Augusta or her people, was entered at November term, 1745, when Augusta’s part of the cost of running the line between the two counties was fixed at £32 5s. 9d.



The late Maj. J. M. McCue, an enthusiastic antiquarian, brought to light a record book kept by the pioneer minister of the Valley for nine years, and from it we give here some interesting extracts.

The title of the book, as written by the minister himself, is as follow: “A record of the names of the children baptized by the Rev. John Craig, both in his own and in neighboring congregations, where God in His Providence ordered his labors.” It, however, embraces other things besides the record of baptisms. The writer was too busy to think of style, and some of the entries are the more interesting because of their quaintness and crudity.

The first child baptized in the county by Mr. Craig was Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah Williams, October 5, 1740. On October 26th, Samuel, son of William Logan, was baptized; and on the 28th, Mary, daughter of John Preston. Jean, daughter of Robert McClanahan, was baptized December 8, 1740, and this child, on growing up, because the wife of Alexander St. Clair, who is often mentioned in the ANNALS, and is the author’s great-grand-mother.

James Bell’s twins, William and James, were baptized December 12, 1740. They were of the Long Glade family. William was killed in battle during the Revolutionary War.

At the close of the first year, Mr. Craig writes: “The year being ended, the whole number baptized by me is one hundred and thirty-three; sixty-nine males and sixty-four females. Glory to God who is daily adding members to His visible church!”

* George Breckinridge probably moved to Albemarle, and therefore is name seldom appears in the Annals of Augusta. An act of Assembly in 1758, provided for the pay of persons who had rendered military service, and among them was a George Brackenridge of Albemarle, who was entitled to 13 shillings.—Hening, Vol. 7, p. 203.

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