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Our thanks to the following organizations who have donated labor, money, materials, or support:

  • The following people made the new online edition of Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia possible:
    • Conception, typing, scanning, editing: G. Anne Sloan.
    • Database design, programming, web development: Crystal Sloan.
    • Web hosting provided by EagleRidge Technologies, Inc..
    • This online edition is based on the 1902 edition published by C. Russell Caldwell of Staunton, VA.
  • The Kendrick Collection papers were kindly donated by Mrs. Nancy Evans Newcomb to Mrs. Mary Clemmer Bell, Founding Regent of the Southwest Point Chapter of the NSDAR, who made some available to us for scanning, transcription, and online display. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these two ladies who have so generously made these papers available.
  • In October, 2012, Mrs. Sue Collins and Mrs. Nancy Newcomb kindly made the rest of the Kendrick papers available.
  • The Hill Collection papers, transcriptions, and content were generously provided by Mr. Charles Massey. We are very grateful for being allowed to use this product of his years of careful labor.
  • The Mead Collection papers, transcriptions, and content, have been kindly provided by Dr. Charles Mead, who generously worked many hours on their preparation.
  • Many thanks also to the archivists of the Southwest Point Chapter of the NSDAR, Kingston, TN, who have provided hundreds of hours of volunteer labor.
  • Also thanks to EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., who at the request of the Southwest Point Chapter of the NSDAR is providing programming and web hosting services.
  • Bruno Kerrien provided the style sheet on which we based ours. Thank you, Bruno!
  • Theresa Applegate contributed PHP programming on the books page containing a list of our released books. Thank you, Theresa!
  • Thanks to Irfanview for the use of their wonderful image software.