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prepared the act for in , as part of the revisal, which was not reported to the till , and that particular law not passed till , and then by the efforts of .

In the interval, between the bringing in the bill in 1777 and the passage in 1785, the contest for religious liberty was going on in the Legislature, and was debated throughout the State. Various efforts were made by men of talents and influence to preserve a modification of the Establishment, with toleration to dissenters. Some feared that public worship could not be kept up in the State, if the Church and State were dissevered; others were unwilling to break down the time-honoured forms and ceremonies of the State religion, believing them useful if not necessary, and clinging to them with the fondness of early associations.

During the session of Assembly in the summer of 1777, when public expectation was all alive anticipating the changes that would be proposed and probably made, by the committee of revision, the Presbytery of Hanover met at Concord in , June 19th—present, Rev. Messrs. Rice, Irvin, Wallace and Graham; with , , and {See note 2} Hugh Wair, elders.

The Presbytery considering it as probable that our General Assembly may come to a final determination concerning church establishments, at their next session, which may make it of importance for this Presbytery further to concern themselves in the case before our next stated meeting, we therefore appoint the Rev. Messrs. Sankey, Todd, Rice, Wallace, and Smith, or any of them, a committee to meet at on the 26th of September, or sooner if any two of them shall judge it necessary, to do and act in behalf of this Presbytery, in that case.

Nothing definitive, however, was done by the Assembly, on the vexed question, this year. The payment of the salaries of the clergy was farther postponed, first from the session in the spring to the session in the fall; and then until the end of the next session of Assembly.

In May , the suspension was continued, until the end of the next session of Assembly. In October the suspension was continued until the end of the next session of Assembly. In May 1779, it was again suspended until the end of the next session of Assembly.

The , at their General Association, held at Anderson's meeting-house, in , in May, 1778, appointed a committee—to inquire whether any grievances existed in the civil laws that were oppressive to the Baptists. In their report they represented the marriage law as being partial and oppressive. Upon which it was agreed to present to the next General Assembly a memorial, praying for a law

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Notes Added for this Online Edition:

Note 1.

Will of Hugh Weir Rockbridge co., Va March 31st 1779

In the name of God Amen. I Hugh Weir of the County of Rockbridge and Colony of Virginia Calling to mind that mortality of my body though sound in Memory knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die as also believing that God is able at the Resurrection to Raise this same Body and to unite it to the soul again do make and constitute this my last Will and Testamnt. That is to say first and principally I give my soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Bruied in a Christian and Decent like manner at the Direction of my Executors and as Touching such wordly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bles me with I give and Bequeath in Manner following. First I give and bequeath to my Beloved wife my old bay mare two best Cows and four sheep her bed and furniture her Chest and also all Dressing furnishing my Dwelling House with a sufficient Maintinance from my plantation during her life, as also my Negro wench during her life and then I order her to my son Abrahm Jonathan likewise I order my plantation to my son Abraham and allow him to pay to my son James the sum of Two Hundred pounds good and lawful money of Viginia if Money stands at the same value it now goes at if it alters I leave my Executors Judges in that Alteration. Likewise I give and Bequeath to my son Abraham my Sorrel Coalt paying to my son George and Hugh each fifty pounds leaving the Alteration as aforesaid to the Direction of my Executors the several sums I order Abraham to pay at the expiration of two years after my Decease. Also I give to my sons John, Joseph and Samuel to each Twenty Shillings likewise I give to my Daughters Jean Cunningham, Margret Montgomery, Mary Walker, Susanna Buchanan, Elizabeth McCutchen to each Ten Shillings likewise I give and bequeath to my Grandson Hugh to wit my son Johns son the sum of Twenty pounds. Also I allow my son Abrahm to provide and lay in a sufficient Quantity of food for the aforesaid Stock willed to my wife yearly. Item I give to my Grandchildren to with the Hughes to each forty Shillings and the Remainder of the thick Cloath after Abrahms suit to be equally Divided betwixt my three youngest sons and all the Remainder of my Estate to my wife to pay debts and to be at her Disposal and lastly I constitute John Weir Junior and George Weir my Executors and Revoke all former wills witnes my hand and seal this 31st Day of March in the year above Mentioned.

Hugh Weir (Seal)

Signed Sealed and published in presence of us

  • Saml. Weir
  • Mathew Houston
  • George Weir


  • 3 + Susana2 Weir
  • 4 + Mary Weir
  • 5 + Elizabeth Weir
  • 6 + Jean Weir
  • 7 + Abraham Weir b.c 1739
  • 8 + John Wear b. d.c 1800 was it in Missouri ? (My Reuben Payne witnessed the will of John Weir in Washington Co., TN in 1800)
  • 8 1/2 + Jonathan Sr. WEIR Birth: BEF. 1760 in Blount County, Tennessee Death: 1832

Source: Excerpt pf Hugh Weir's will from article entitled Descendants of Hugh Wear.

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