Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century (1853)



Names and date of erection of the Counties in the State of Tennessee, and by what authority erected, and remarks.

Washington,Nov., 1777.North-
Taken off Wilkes and Burke counties, N. C.
Sullivan,October, 1779. “ “Off Washington.
Greene,April, 1783. “ “Off Washington.
Davidson,April, 1783. “ “Off Greene; or, rather, off part of Greene.
Sumner,Nov., 1786. “ “Off East end of Davidson—that is E. of Stone’s river.
Hawkins,Nov., 1786. “ “Off Sullivan.
Tennessee,Nov., 1788. “ “Off Davidson: this county, when the State of Tennessee was named, gave up its name. These seven counties were erected prior to the cession, in 1789, by N. Carolina, of her western territory.
Jefferson,June 11, 1792.By Ordinance of the Governor.Off Greene and Hawkins.
Knox,June 11, 1792.By Ordinance of the Governor.Off Greene and Hawkins.
1798By Tenn. Assembly.-
Sevier,Sept. 27, 1794.Territorial Assembly.Taken off Jefferson.
Blount,July, 1795. “ “Off Knox—these were the only two counties erected by the Territorial Assembly, the several other counties of the State were erected by the Legislature of Tennessee.
Carter,April, 1796.Tennessee Assembly.Taken off Washington.
Grainger,April, 1796. “ “Off Hawkins and Knox.
Montgomery,April, 1796. “ “Formed out of part of Tennessee county.
Robertson,April, 1796. “ “ “ “
Cocke,October, 1797. “ “Taken off Jefferson.
Smith,October, 1799. “ “Off Sumner.
Wilson,October, 1799. “ “Off Sumner.
Williamson,October, 1799. “ “Off Davidson.

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