Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century (1853)



Cumberland, at low water mark, at the mouth of Drake’s Lick Branch, the north-eastern corner of Davidson County; thence, with the line of Davidson County, to the Cherokee boundary, and with said boundary, to the Cany Fork; and, down the Cany Fork, according to its meanders, to the mouth thereof; thence, down the meanders of Cumberland River, by the south bank, to the beginning.

Williamson County.—Beginning at a point forty poles due north of the dwelling-house of Thomas McCrory, on the waters of Little Harpeth; running, thence, east, two miles and one hundred and four poles; thence, south, seventy degrees, east, sixteen miles and two hundred and seventy poles; thence, due east sixteen miles and two hundred and seventy poles; then due south to the Indian boundary; thence, with said line, westwardly, to the Robertson County line; thence, with that line, north, to a point due west from the mouth of Little Harpeth; thence, a direct line to a point on South Harpeth, south-west from the mouth of said Little Harpeth; thence, north-east, to the mouth of said little Harpeth; thence, a direct line to the beginning.


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