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Title Page1
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Merchantable Commodities7
Victuals for sustenance of immigrants.13
Descriptions of subjects
which immigrants to Virginia
should be aware of
Title page of engravings section34
I. The chart of all the coast of Virginia.
II. The arrival of the Englishmen in Virgnia
III. A Weroan or great Lord of Virginia.
IIII. One of the chief Ladies of Secota
V. One of the Religious men in the town of Secota.
VI. A young gentle woman, daughter of Secota.
VII. A chief Lord of Roanoac.
VIII A chief Lady of Pomeiooc.
IX. An aged man in his winter garment.
X. Their manner of carrying their Children and attire of the chief Ladies of the town of Dasamonquepeuc.
XI. The Conjurer.
XII. Their manner of making their Boats.
XIII. Their manner of fishing in Virginia.
XIIII. The broiling of their fish over the flame.
XV. Their seething of their meat in earthen pots.
XVI. Their Sitting at meat.
XVII. Their manner of praying with their Rattles about the fire.
XVIII. Their dances which they use at their high feasts.
XIX The town of Pomeiooc.
XX. The town of Secota.
XXI. Their Idol Kiwasa.
XXII. The Tomb of their Werowans or chief Lords.
XXIII. The marks of sundry of the chief men of Virginia.
Description and depiction of inhabitants36
Comparison of natives of Great Britain
with natives of Virginia
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