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ornament used used in Kercheval's Valley of Virginia


Title Page.Not Numbered
Dedication Page.Not Numbered
Introduction: Origins of the Indians in Americav
Sketch of the First Settlement in Virginia,.vii
Instructions to Governor Wyatt.viii
Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia in 1675-76.xii
Introduction: Appendix.xxix
Chapter I: Indian Wars.31
Chapter II. Indian Settlements.37
Letter from Mr. Thomas Chaukley.42
Chapter III. First Settlement of the Valley.45
Chapter IV. First Settlement of the Valley—Continued.50
Chapter V. Religion, Habits & Customs of the Primitive Settlers.55
Copyright Page.2
An Act for suppresion of Quakers.60
Origin of the Methodist Religion in our Valley.62
Chapter VI: Breaking out of the Indian War.65
Chapter VII. Indian Incursions and Massacres.69
Chapter VII. Indian Incursions and Massacres—Continued.82
Chapter IX. Indian Incursions and Massacres—Continued.93
Chapter X. Dunmore's War with the Indians.109
Rev. Mr. Doddridge's Account of Dunmore's War.111
Rev. Mr. Jacob's Account of Dunmore's War.120
Chapter XI. War of the Revolution.140
Chapter XII. Mode of living of the primitive settlers.151
Chapter XIII. Northern Neck of Virginia.156
Report of Charles James Faulkner,
Relative to the Boundary Line
between Virginia and Maryland.
Chapter XIV. Laying Off the Counties.174
Chapter XV. Establishment of the Towns.178
Title Page of Notes.Not Numbered
Notes, &c., Chapter I.
Preliminary Observations of the Mode of Indian Warfare,
and its adoption by the white people.
Not Numbered
Chapter II. War of 1763.193
Chapter III. The Death of Cornstalk.200
Chapter IV. Wappatomica Campaign.202
Chapter V. Gen. McIntosh's Campaign.204
Chapter VI. The Moravian Campaign.207
Chapter VII. The Indian Summer.217
Chapter VIII. General Crawford's Campaign.219
Chapter IX. Attack at Rice's Fort.227
Chapter X. Expected Attack on Doddridge's Fort.231
Chapter XI. Coshocton Campaign.233
Chapter XII. Captivity of Mrs. Brown.235
Chapter XIII. Lewis Wetzel.238
Chapter XIV. Adam Poe.240
Chapter XV. The Johnson's.244
Chapter XVI. Settlement of the Country.247
Chapter XVII. House Furniture and Diet.252
Chapter XVIII. Dress.256
Chapter XIX. The Fort.259
Chapter XX. Caravans.261
Chapter XXI. Hunting.263
Chapter XXII. The Wedding.266
Chapter XXIII. The House Warming.270
Chapter XXIV. Working.272
Chapter XXV. Mechanic Arts.274
Chapter XXVI. Medicine.278
Chapter XXVII. Sports.283
Chapter XXVIII. Witchcraft.287
Chapter XXIX. Morals.291
Chapter XXX. The Revolution.295
Chapter XXXI. Civilization.297
Appendix: Title Page of Appendix.Not Numbered
Appendix: Chapter I. Face of the country.Not Numbered
Chapter II. Natural Curiosities.317
Caves in the county of Jefferson;
Caves in the county of Frederick.
Caves in the county of Shenandoah.320
Ebbing & Flowing Springs;
Falling Run.
Trout Pond.322
Lost River.324
Ice Mountain.326
The Hanging Rocks.328
Medicinal Springs—Watering Places
Salus Springs, commonly called Bond's Springs.
Orkney Springs, commonly called Yellow Springs
Capon Springs, more properly called Frye's Springs.
White Sulphur Springs, Howard's Lick.333
Paddy's Gap
Pembroke Springs
William's White Sulphur Springs
Gray earth.
Chapter IV. Description of Weyer's Cave.336
Chapter V. Account of the Medical Properties of the Grey Sulphur Springs.349
Chapter VI. Winchester.361
The fine arts
Culture of silk.
A Cow with Six Legs
Splendid improved farm.
Churches; Harper's Ferry.371
Jefferson county.373
The Indian Church; Prospect Rock.374
New Creek gap
A large cave in berkeley county.
House cave; Harrison's Cave.377
Regurgitary Springs.384
John Day's Fort
Cook's Fort, Indian Creek.
Fire Hunting.388
App's Valley.391
Weyer's Cave, in Augusta county.396
Natural Bridge in Rockbridge county.397
Salt Pond, in Giles county.398
The Royal Oak; Sopis Knob.399
valuable Minerals.400
winged toarch ornament used used in Kercheval's Valley of Virginia

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