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Notes - C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920:

C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920

Mr. Hill writes to Mrs. Peyton asking that she recommend someone in Staunton or Augusta County, Virginia to do research for him on his Russell line.

--G. Anne Sloan

Images - C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920:

C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920 -- Page 1
C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920-- image 2

Transcription - C.K. Hill letter to Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton, June 24, 1920:

                              Harriman, Tennessee,
                                 June 24, 1920.

Mrs. L.W.H. Peyton,
Staunton, Va.

My dear Mrs. Peyton:- I wrote you immediately on receipt
of your letter of the 18th of May, stating that I would
be glad to fill in services with reference for Colonial
Dame papers, but have not heard from you.  Did you receive
my letter?  I also asked if you could tell me where you
found the Frogg clipping, that is what paper it was taken
from.  I can straighten this person out in the tangle he
or she, seems to be in, but do not know who it is.

I am writing to know if you can recommend some one in
Staunton or Augusta County, who could do some research
work there for me?  I want some one who is familiar with
Colonial Dame requirements in the Virginia Society.

I am a descendant of Capt. George Russell and his wife
Elizabeth, through their daughter Sarah, who married Lieut.
Isaac Lane.  Their other children were George, William,
and Lydia who married James Roddye.  Sarah was born 1760.
Capt. Russell died in 1798 in Grainger Co. Tenn., where he
was living on land granted him by the State of N.C. for
his Revolutionary War services.  He was one of the 13
original Commissioners of the Wautauga Association of 1772,
which afterwards became the State of Tenn.  He came from
Pittsylvania County Va., about one year later than his brother-in-law Capt. William Bean, who married Lydia
Russell.  The Beanís first child was named Russell Bean
and is said to have been the first white child born in the
Sate of Tenn.  It is thought by the older members of the
family that Capt. Russell was a descendant, probably a son
or grandson of Andrew Russell of August County Va.

If you know some one there who could take up this work for
me, wont you please give them these facts and have them
write me regarding the matter.  They can tell me whether
Andrew Russell left a will in Augusta Co., or not, and if
so, whether George is mentioned in that will.  I regret
that I cannot give the maiden name of his wife Elizabeth.

I hope you wont mind to do this for me, but if it is too much trouble, just drop this letter into the waste basket.

Cordially yours,

C. K. Hill

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Transcription and scan by G. Anne Sloan

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