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Notes - C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925:

C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925

Mr. Hill writes to Mr. Daves, citing documentation for the service of his ancestor and a lineal descent, asking if this will be sufficient propositi for his cousin's membership in the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati.

--G. Anne Sloan

Images - C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925:

C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925 -- Page 1
C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925-- image 2

Transcription - C.K.Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 1, 1925:

                             Harriman, Tennessee,
                               August 1, 1925.

Hon. John C. Daves,
214 Chamber of Commerce,
Baltimore, Md.

Mr. dear Mr. Daves:- In the past two years I have found
some data on one of my ancestors which I feel sure makes
him an eligible ancestor for membership in the Society of
the Cincinnati.  Being a member on my Hill ancestry, I am
anxious to qualify one of my cousins and have him become a
member of the North Carolina Society, and write to submit
my findings and to ask you to advise me whether my cousin
is eligible to membership in the North Carolina Society
or not.

In the Department of Archives, Virginia State Library, is
the following record:

       “Virginia Continental Army Lands.”
           February 15, 1822.

       “Roll of Officers of the sixteen Virginia Regiments
        of the Continental Army, who received land bounty
        in the States of Kentucky and Ohio.”

Among them, under lists of Lieutenants, Ensigns & Coronets,
        William Randolph, allotted 4,000 acres.

Following the lists is the certificate:

“I certify that the above is a full and correct copy of a
large printed circular, now in this library, entitled,
“Virginia Continental Army Lands” “Dated Feb. 15, 1822.”

                           Morgan P. Robinson, Archivist.

July 15, 1915,
Virginia State Library.”

As you probably know land warrants were issued under act
of 1779, as follows-
  For three years service- Colonel  5,000 acres
                         - Lt. Col. 4,500   “
                         - Major    4,000   “
                         - Captain  3,000   “
                      - Subalterns  2,000   “
                        - Non Coms.   200   “
                        - Privates    100   “

[page two]

Mr. J.C.D. #2

Lt. William Randolph was granted 4,000 acres, which shows
he served over 3 years, and had rank not lower than
Lieutenant.  This is states as he is listed among the
Lieutenants, Ensigns and Coronets.  Neither of the latter
could be issued the amount issued to Lt. Randolph as shown by the records filed with the report on Lt. Randolph.

Lt. William Randolph was my great great grandfather,
emigrating to Surry County, N.C., where he married my great
great grandmother Louisa Bailey. They emigrated to
Tennessee settling in Roane County, where in 1809 Lt.
Randolph purchased land in this Roane County from his
brother John Randolph. In 1815 Lt. Randolph sold his land
om Roane County and returned to Surry County, N.C.  Just
before the sale of said land in Roane County in 1815,
Louisa Bailey Randolph died and is buried in this Roane
County, Tenn. Sarah Randolph, daughter of Lt. Wm. & Louisa
(Bailey) Randolph, married in 1814, Roane County, Tenn.
Samuel Sumpter Owens and were the parents of Martha Susan
Owens who married John Kendrick, who were the parents of
Margaret Amanda Kendrick who married Isaac Alexander Hill
and were the parents of Cap Kendrick Hill.  After the death
of Lt. Wm. Randolph’s wife Louisa in 1815, he returned to
Surry County, N.C., where in 1816 he married as his second
wife, Dorothy Poindexter, widow (nee Bailey) sister of his
first wife Louisa. This is proven by deeds to lands in
Surry County, N.C. which show they were Dorothy Bailey
Poindexter’s part of lands she inherited from her father
Gamaliel Bailey, said lands being in “Bailey’s Bottom”.
Deeds in Surry County, N.C. are signed by both William and
Dorothy Randolph.  About 1848 the part of Surry County in
which Lt. Wm. & Dorothy Randolph lived was cut off into
Forsyth County, N.C., where Lt. William Randolph lived at
the time of his death about 1848-49.

From the above, I trust you can accept an application for
membership in the N.C. Society of the Cincinnati.  I am
anxious for my cousin to join the N.C. Society, first
because I am a member, second Lt. Randolph lived and died
in N.C., and Tennessee, which was formerly a part of N.C.

I will very much appreciate your passing on this matter and
advising me, which I assure you will be very much

With kind regards and best wishes, I am,

Cordially yours,

Cap Kendrick Hill


Lt. Wm. Randolph is in the line accepted by the Colonial
Dames for membership of my mother Mrs. Margaret Amanda
Kendrick Hill, #2303.

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Transcription and scan by G. Anne Sloan

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