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Notes - C.K. Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 10, 1925:

C.K. Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 10, 1925

Mr. Hill writes to Mr. Daves again pointing out the information he had found at the Virginia State Library that Lieutenant William Randolph was allotted land as a member of a Virginia Regiment in the Continental Army.

Mr. Hill also states that he would like to come to an annual meeting of the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati if this meeting did not conflict with the Metropolitan Opera Company's season in Atlanta.

--G. Anne Sloan

Images - C.K. Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 10, 1925:

C.K. Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 10, 1925 -- Page 1

Transcription - C.K. Hill letter to John C. Daves, August 10, 1925:

                            Harriman, Tennessee,
                              August 10, 1925.

My dear Mr. Daves:- Thank you very much for your letter of
the 6th regarding the Rev. War services of Lt. Wm.

I trust you will pardon me for again writing you about this
matter, but if you recall that when I first wrote you in
regard to Col. Thomas Sumpter’s services, you replied that
you could find no records that entitled his descendants to
membership in the Society of the Cincinnati, but after some
correspondence we were able to prove this service  of
Thomas Sumpter.

May I ask if you observed that the records of Lt. Wm.
Randolph’s having been given bounty land of 4,000 acres,
is under the heading of,
              “Virginia Continental Army lands”
                      February 15, 2833.
  “Roll of Officers of the sixteen Virginia Regiments
   of the Continental Army, who received land bounty
   in the States of Kentucky and Ohio.”

I am sure this land was not taken up by Lt. Wm. Randolph
as it was advertised in 1822 by the State of Virginia, but
the records do not show that he ever claimed said land, and
for this reason I do not think he was ever listed in
Heitman’s and such lists as an officer in the Va.
Continental Army.

Is there any certificate or any thing of the kind I could
secure from the Department of Archives & History of the
Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va., that would help any
in establishing the fact that Lt. Wm. Randolph served in
the Continental Army?  I am not sure, but I think there is
a printed reference in the lists of Va. Rev. Soldiers, that
mentions Lt. Wm. Randolph as having served in the 5th & 9th
Regiments Continental Army.  Perhaps this would be of
assistance in establishing his Continental Army services?

If there is nothing further that can be done to prove this
service, and you had carefully observed the data I sent you
in any other letter, regarding the services of Lt. Wm.
Randolph, don’t bother to write me further, as I dislike to
trouble you with these matters.  You are the only one I
know to turn to when I need assistance with a question
regarding the Society of the Cincinnati.

I hope to come to an annual meeting some time.  Heretofore
the time has always come when I make my annual visit to
Atlanta for the week of grand opera by the Metropolitan
Opera Company, which I enjoy to the fullest, but I hope I
can arrange to come to a meeting some time.

I greatly appreciate all your kindnesses to me in the past
and wish to extend my thanks again.

Cordially and truly yours,

[The transcription is taken from a carbon copy of Mr.
Hill’s letter and so was unsigned.  Normally the carbon
copies of Mr. Hill’s letters were noted “CKH/K” at the
bottom but,in this case, the typist had run out of paper.

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