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Notes - C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925:

C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925

Mr. Hill writes to Mr. Robinson, a Virginia State Library archivist, asking for information concerning the service of Lieutenant William Randolph in the Virginia Regiments of the Continental Army. He includes some War Department references and a quote from a circular archived at the Virginia State Library and attested to by Mr. Robinson.

--G. Anne Sloan

Images - C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925:

C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925 -- Page 1
C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925-- image 2

Transcription - C.K. Hill letter to Morgan P. Robinson, August 14, 1925:

                            Harriman, Tennessee,
                              August 14, 1925.

Hon. Morgan P. Robinson,
Virginia State Library,
Richmond, Virginia.

My Dear Mr. Robinson:- In December 1922 I visited the
Department of Archives & History with Mr. W.B. Cridlin,
when we were making a search for data regarding my Randolph
ancestors.  Mr. Cridlin is no longer doing genealogical
work and is away from home so much I do not like to write
him for any information or data that I can obtain from any
one else, so I hope you can help me with this question.

We found in your Department a record;

            “Virginia Continental Army lands.”
                 February 15, 1822.

“Roll of Officers of the sixteen Virginia Regiments of the
Continental Army, who received land bounty in the States of
Kentucky and Ohio.”
(Then followed the names of a great number of Officers,
from Colonels to Cornets, who had not taken up the land
bounty granted.  Among them, under list of Lieutenants,
ensigns, & Cornets, was
          Lieut. William Randolph, allotted 4,000 acres.

Following this list is the certificate—
   “I certify that the above is a full and correct
   copy of a large printed circular, now in this
   library, entitled
   “Virginia Continental Army Lands.”
   “Dated Feb. 15, 1822”
                     Morgan P. Robinson,

   July 15, 1915.
   Virginia State Library.”

Can you tell me to what regiment Lt. William Randolph
belonged, and what date he was made a Lieutenant?

In the published lists of Virginia Revolutionary Soldiers,
I find the following references to William Randolph;

           5 Va. Records.
           War Dept., 111, 8.
           Va. R. - 5 & 9.
           War Dept. 320, -1.
           War Dept. 4,- 329.

(page two)

Mr. M.P.R. #2.

I will very much appreciate your sending me data or
references proving the regiment to which Lt. Wm.
Randolph belonged and the date he was made a Lieutenant
in the Continental Army.

If you can do this and send your bill with the data,
I will remit by return mail.  I think Mr. Cridlin will
vouch for me, but if you had rather I make remittance
before sending this data, I will gladly send remittance
on notice of the amount due.

If I can give you any further information regarding
Lt. Wm. Randolph’s services in the Continental Army
that will assist you in finding the desired information,
please let me know.

I trust that you are well and happy and that your work
is going to suit you.

With kind regards and best wishes, I am,

Cordially yours,

C.K. Hill,
Box 226,
Harriman, Tennessee.

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Transcription and scan by G. Anne Sloan

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